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Foufou Bunny | 說的是瘋瘋癲癲卻無比真實的故事。

一隻成天咧嘴大笑的『瘋狂邦妮』,有點胡鬧、時常瘋癲! 一隻天真無邪的『兔寶』,懷抱一顆善良天真的心,不時有些頑皮的小念頭!在Foufou世界裡的夥伴,都有自己瘋狂的目的地,一起搗蛋一起冒險,一起幽默面對好大的宇宙,對Foufou Family來說,沒有不好玩,只有繼續玩!

Foufou Bunny,試圖用可愛的方式,笑說那些不可愛的事。簡單逗趣的想法,自由自在的態度,提醒大家在灰暗苦悶的生活中,也要笑笑鬧鬧,自得其樂。不用太可愛,也可以持續創作、認真瘋狂!

Foufou means craziness in French.It all started when hand-drawn canvas bags were sold on the streets of Taipei in 2005. The artist, Gia Hung created the cartoon character “Foufou Bunny" with great dark humor to convey her perspective, and hoping that the images and products of Foufou can resonate with viewers and consumers.
Foufou Bunny is sometimes depicted as cute and clever. Sometimes She has a huge smile with her sharp teeth to show her rebellious personality. She could be a voyager, a pilot, or a detective to explore and fulfill our dreams. Over the past 11 years, FouFou has been made into thousands of product which you can find everywhere in Taiwan.

We are looking forward to working with you who are in different product lines but share the same vision. Through these cross industry collaborations, we hope we can further align our brand to more consumers.



Foufou Creative 福福好創意有限公司 | 做的是讓每一段故事發酵共鳴閃閃發亮。

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